• Sam Gainey

Massage Therapy and Pain Relief

How did I let myself get here?

If you're like me then you let yourself get to your breaking point. On the floor with your back out and barely being able to move. All because you felt like going to that event where you sat in the most uncomfortable bleachers on the planet. And to top it off, you skipped your massage that week because your kid was sick and had to stay home from school. Or you've never even had a massage because you're a mom, and moms aren't allowed to slip away for some pampering.

PSA: Massage isn't always about pampering yourself

Massage can be therapeutic, there is even a modality of massage called Medical Massage and you can read all about it from the American Massage Therapy Association below.

AMTA demonstrates that massage is not only beneficial for specific injuries, but for chronic pain as well.

What can I do right now?

  • Book and appointment with your local massage therapist, make sure they know about Fascia and chronic pain.

  • Get a foam roller and get into the area of pain, being sure to work above and below the point of pain, as many times the pain is not coming from the specific area you're feeling it in.

  • Ask your LMT about supplementation, there are many different supplements on the market that have been proven to lower inflammation in the body and help reduce pain. Just be sure you're finding quality products!

  • Find a personal trainer! Many times the pain is from an instability at some joint, or that joint moving improperly. So your Massage Therapist can help realign it, but you'll then need to stabilize it in the proper position to solidify your therapists work.

  • Remember to always consult a doctor first when it comes to pain!

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