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10 Super-Foods for Your Hormonal Balance

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Feeling Tired, Cranky, or Unwell? These ten foods may be able to help.


Did you know that Avocado can help lower blood cholesterol? By lowering your cholesterol levels you are in turn lowering your cortisol levels. Cortisol is often called the stress hormone. Cranky? PMSing? Work Stressing you out? Try adding more avocado to your diet and see how it affects your mood! (Avocado are also high in B vitamins!)


Another stress buster. Green veggies, particularly the leafy variety, contain tons of antioxidants. #Antioxidants have been shown to lower inflammation levels in the body. And leafy greens in general also help lower cortisol levels.

3. B Vitamins

Did you know that there are tons of foods we eat each day that contain all eight B vitamins? If you're like me than no, you didn't know that. So next time you're in need of some vitamin B and don't want to ingest a pill, grab some of these foods listed below!

  • Whole grains such as browns rice, and barley

  • Red meats, poultry, fish

  • Dairy

  • Eggs

  • Squirrel foods (sunflower seeds, almonds, etc.)

  • Those darn leafy greens again (the dark ones; spinach, broccoli, etc.)

  • Legumes

  • Fruits (Especially banana, and citrusy types)

4. Liver

From calcium to iron, to vitamin D and Omega 3, liver has many benefits to our bodies. It is especially good for inflammation and hormonal balance due to its vast array of vitamins. However, you don't see me reaching for this. I personally prefer to get these vitamins elsewhere or in capsule form. (Don't judge me, I find the idea gross)

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5. Almonds

Almonds are amongst one the greatest superfoods out there. (And one that is yah know, edible) Not only do #almonds help with hormone secretion, they are great for metabolism! You can also have a handful of these bad boys to combat a headache! Yet another all natural way to kick reaching for a pill! And no, I don't think the kind covered in sugar count, but whose going to stop me?

6. Walnuts

Yet another metabolism boosting, hormone regulating nut! These guys are always, always featured in my #DIYTrailMix bags. But did you know that walnuts can help with acne? So next time your face betrays you when your hormones are raging and your period is about to roll around, toss some extra into your own trail mix and beat mother nature at her own game!

7. Tomatoes

Tomatoes contain flavonoids. Flavonoids help our bodies to produce healthy hormones. And don't forget the Vitamin C! Your immune system will be thanking you come Flu season. Preferably have them raw, such as in a salad, but soups are one of my favorites too!

8. Coconut Oil

I don't know what your moms were like, maybe they had that one thing that was the cure all to everything? Maybe theirs was olive oil, mine has always and will forever be, you guessed it, #CoconutOil! Trying to lose weight? Cook with coconut oil! Have a cut or bruise? Put coconut oil on it! Dry skin? Coconut oil! Itchy scalp? Coconut oil! Bug bite? Coconut oil! Essential oil base? Coconut oil! Chapped lips? coconut oil!!!

Okay, okay, you get the picture, but seriously, I use that stuff for everything.

9. Dark Chocolate

C'mon y'all. Are you surprised at this point? I mean, what else would I put into my trail mix to make it yummy? Dark Chocolate is another #StressBuster and can actually help your body boost it's estrogen levels! It's a win-win!

10. Red Grapes

Unfortunately, wine doesn't count but if you, like many others have the issue of having too much estrogen. Then red grapes are for you! The resveratrol in their skin helps block estrogen. They can also help lower testosterone levels in the body. Acting as another powerful antioxidant, it's no brainer to add these to your diet. I personally, like to freeze them in the summer and eat 'em as a snack!

PS Don't let your dog have them! They're toxic to dogs!

None of these statements are meant to diagnose or treat any issues. If you are having serious hormonal problems please contact your doctor. This was made merely to educate.

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